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Best CDs of 2013

Best CDs of 2013

Artist Contact Information

To contact most of the artists and record companies listed in this site, you can copy the link to their websites. In addition, many of the artists email addresses and other contact information can be found on this page.  

In support of our featured artists & record companies, we make every attempt to keep up-to-date contact information. However, some of these addresses and e-dresses may have changed.

If you find that one of the contacts is no longer valid, please email us and let us know so we can update and correct the site:

jon at indieacoustic dot com 

If you have any recommendations, or other suggestions for this site, feel free to let us know as well.

EMAIL PRIVACY:.To contact the artist or company, you'll have to copy the address into your email program, replace the "and" with the @, etc. This is our valiant, yet probably futile, effort to reduce spam. Remember--you can't click on the listed email address. Instead, copy it and paste it into the email address bar, then remove the "at" and replace with @ before sending.

Thanks for supporting independent music!


Artists & Record Companies

Acorn Music   http://acornmusic.ca
Acoustic Syndicate www.acousticsyndicate.comn
Jenny Allen http://www.jennyallen.ca/
Moh Alilechewww.flagoffreedom.com
Antone' http://www.antonesnightclub.com/
ATO a www.atorecords.com
Audrey Auld mail at recklessrecords.com; www.recklessrecords.com
Austin Lounge Lizards www.austinlizards.com, muzik at fs.cei.net
Aunt Pat www.auntpat.com, dmcshane at iourecords.com; www.iourecords.com
Autorickshaw www.autorickshaw.ca; info at autorickshaw.caBellar & Neilson (Instrumental): New Harmony Records Email: ron@newharmonyrecords.com
Bonnie Barnard www.BonnieBarnard.net ; americanafun at yahoo.com
Niki Barr niki at nikibarr.com; www.marucci.net
Keola Beamer feedback at kbeamer.com, keola at maui.net, www.kbeamer.com
Garrin Benfield  jasonjdurant at yahoo.com  garrin at garrin.com; www.garrin.com
Eric Bibb www.ericbibb.com , su at mflp.com
Linda Bonadies www.lindabonadies.com
Greg Brown www.gregbrown.org
Bresh and Jones www.misterguitar.com www.busterbjones.com
Sam Bush www.sambush.com
Buyour andrew at  rhino2rhino.com
Kate Campbell www.katecampbell.com,
Candido & Graciela www.chesky.com
Melonie Cannon www.skaggsfamilyrecords.com
Capercaillie www.capercaillie.co.uk
Katia Cardenal www.katiacardenal.com
Calcutta Express www.guystrazz.com
Ryan Cavanaugh www.ryancavanaughbanjo.com
Celtic Elvis www.wildplum.org/celticelvis
Charming Hostess www.charminghostess.us
Wajdi Cherif www.wajdicherif.com
Chesky www.chesky.com
Chitlin Fooks https://myspace.com/chitlinfooks
Chookasian Armenian Ensemble www.chookasian.com
Steve Clark streetsingerstev at hotmail.com
Clumsy Lovers http://clumsylovers.com
Compadre https://myspace.com/compadrerecords
Compass Recordswww.compassrecords.com
Dana Cooper  www.danacoopermusic.com/
Copper Creek www.coppercreekrecords.com
Creaking Tree String Quartet www.creakingtree.com
Carolyn Cruso www.carolyncruso.com/
Carolyn Currie www.carolyncurrie.com
Peppino D'Agostino guitarwebguy at yahoo.com
Stephanie Davis recon at cmn.net
Debajo del Agua hwww.iasorecords.com/BachataRoja.cfm
Debashish Bhattacharya www.debashishbhattacharya.com/
Donna the Buffalo www.donnathebuffalo.com/
Gayla Drake Paul www.skep.com/gdpaul/
Drive By Truckers www.newwestrecords.com
Dualtone www.dualtone.com
Jesse Dyen www.jessedyen.com;
Earthbeat www.earthbeatrecords.com
Judith Edelman www.judithedelman.com
Jeff Elbel & Pingwww.marathonrecords.com
El Cat 800-686-4212
Electric Bonsai Band www.electricbonsaiband.com/
Kyler England www.kylerengland.com
Suzi Katz www.amazon.com/Suzi-Katz/dp/B000008H8G
Etherean www.ethereanmusic.com
Equation www.equation.fmequationfm at netscapeonline.co.uk
Fairport Convention www.compassrecords.com
Farm Mechanic Records (Peter Stokes) http://sqrbass.wordpress.com/
Melissa Ferrick http://www.melissaferrick.com/
Flag of Freedom Records   http://www.flagoffreedom.com
Fossil PO Box 4754, E. Lansing, MI 48826, or PO Box 306, Portage, MI 49081,
joel.mabus at pobox.com
Free Hot Lunch www.facebook.com/FreeHotLunch
Freewheel www.facebook.com/freewheelmusic
Etran Finatawa
Tony Furtado www.funzalorecords.com
Great Big Sea www.greatbigsea.com, theguys at greatbigsea.com
Green Linnet Records http://greenlinnet.com/
Colin Gilmore www.colingilmore.com
Kara Grainger http://www.karagrainger.com
Paul Griffin 655 California Gulch, Jamestown, CO 80455
Guardabarranco www.duoguardabarranco.com
Nathan Hamilton  propaganda at corridor.net  
Heavy Mental PO Box 1932, Martinez, CA 94553
Helge Lien Trio http://www.helgelien.com/helgelientrio.com/html/home.php
Higher Octave http://www.higheroctave.com/
Donal Hinely 
krista at tinderboxmusic.com
Horse Feathers http://www.myspace.com/horsefeathersmusic
Annie Humphrey makoche at aol.com
Incendio  info at newwolrldmusic.com.au ; info at newwolrldmusic.co.uk
Inti-Illimani www.inti-illimani.com
IOU www.iourecords.com, www.auntpat.com
I Town ; www.itownrecords.com
Ivanhoe Road PO Box 301, Ely, IA 52227, gdpaul1 at juno.com
Jason and Alisonwww.verbowmusic.com
Kathy Kallick www.kathykallick.com;
Suzi Katz suzikatz at bigfoot.com
Christine Kane www.christinekane.com
Robert Earl Keen www.robertearlkeen.com
Irene Kelly micks at  madacy.com
Ellen Klaver elena at indra.com
Habib Koite www.putumayo.com; www.worldmusicportal.com
Alison Krauss www.rounder.com
Kyler England www.kylerengland.com; www.deepsouthentertainment.com; www.tribaseproductions.com; kylerengland at yahoo.com
Bela Lakatos: http://extremelyhungary.org/fire/bela.html
Sergio Lara fusion_acustica at yahoo.co
Lara and Reyes (not available)
Markku Lepisto: www.markkulepisto.com
Emory Lester www.emorylester.com, gfstudio at shentel.net, 540-869-7307
Levellers Smitty at spitfirerecords.com ; www.levellers.co.uk ; lois at levellers.co.uk
Jonannes Linstad  www.earthscapemedia.com
Oscar Lopez www.oscarlopez.com; SEBMgt at aol.com
Laura Love http://lauralovemusic.com/
Jez Lowe www.jezlowe.com and www.myspace.com/jackcommonsanthem
Luna Blanca 235 26 St., Suite 284, Santa Monica, CA 90402
Lunasa www.lunasa.ie; www.sgomusic.com;
Joel Mabus joel.mabus at pobox.com, www.joelmabus.com
Machine Breakers www.machinebreakers.com; info at machinebreakers.com
Makoche 208 N. 4 St., Bismarck, ND 58501, 1-800-ND-SOUND, www.makoche.com, makoche at aol.com
Laura Marie www.lauramariemusic.com; www.myspace.com/lauramarie; info@lauramariemusic.com
Steven Mark www.stevenmarkmusic.com
Kort & Beth McCumber www.kortmusic.com;
Kort McCumber: contact beth@kortmusic.com
John McVey www.johnmcvey.com
Mesa/Bluemoon 4053 San Rafael Av., LA, CA 90065; 310-205-5690; comments at  mesabluemoon.com; www.mesabluemo
Scott Miller mckinneymg@gmail.com
Oliver Mtkudze www.tukumusic.com ; metcalfe at mweb.co.zw;
Moreland & Arbuckle
Mutual Admiration Society www.mutual-admiration-cosiety.com
The Nadas  thenadas at thenadas.com ; www.thenadas.com
Native Language 111 Pacifica, Suite 250, Irvine, CA 92618, www.nativelanguage.com, www.johnmcvey.com
New Sound Planet Ponte Lambro, Italy (no further information available)
The Nields www.nields.com, primecity at aol.com, 413-527-9393
Mojo Nixon www.mojonixon.com, pimple at greatbigass.com
Buddy Mondlock stewartmgmt at  earthlink.net
Mozaik www.compassrecords.com
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band www.nittygritty.com
Nothern Blues www.northernblues.com
Northumberland www.emorylester.com
Lynn Patrick www.lynnpatrick.com
Ernie Payne 323-664-3666
Toni Price http://toniprice.net/
Darryl Purpose dp at darrylpurpose.com   www.darrylpurpose.com
Putumayo 324 Lafayette St., 7th Floor, NY, NY 10012, 1-888-788-8629, www.putumayo.com
Quincy qsgrey at aol.com ; www.quincysongs.com
Razor & Tie Records http://www.razorandtie.com/
Red House Records www.redhouserecords.com
Sim Redmond sim at simredmondband.com
Run Rig www.runrig.co.uk,
Rise  www.riseband.co.uk
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman   www.equation.fm
Carrie Rodriguez: www.carrierodriguez.com
Tom Romero  tom at  tarecords.com 
Rounder 1 Camp St., Cambridge, MA 02140 www.rounder.com
Runrig www.runrig.co.uk
Kate Rusby  http://www.katerusby.com/
Rykodisk info at rykodisc.com
Cathie Ryan www.cathieryan.com
Darrell Scott www.darrellscott.com
Shack  info at shacknotes.com
Shanachie Records www.shanachie.com
Sarah Sharp www.sarahsharp.com;
Sheetal www.triloka.com; www.karunamusic.com
Scott Sheldon wayoffline at  comcast.net
Slim Cessna's Auto Club http://www.slimcessnasautoclub.com/
Silver Wave http://www.silverwave.com/index.shtml
Ricky Skaggs www.skaggsfamilyrecords.com
Sleeping Elephant 305 W. Magnolia # 305, Ft. Collins, CO 80521, www.3twins.com
Leslie Smith hrmusic at rahul.net
Michael Smith ron at talesfromthetavern.com ; www.michaelsmithmusic.com
Songline/tonefield 1649 Hopkins St., Berkeley, CA 94707, songtone at hooked.net
South Austin Jug Band https://myspace.com/southaustinjugband/music/songs
Steppin In It  www.steppininit.com
Strictly Country rienk.janssen at tip.nl  
Sukilove promo at parasol.com; bman at euronet.nl
Violet Sumudra: www.violetsamudra.com
Tarika rouge at froots.demon.co.uk ; info at karunamusic.com
Taxi Chain www.northernblues.com
Sally Taylor www.sallytaylor.com
Vienna Teng www.viennateng.com
Texas Music Group:www.txmusicgroup.com
Third Road Home www.thirdroadhome.com;
Three Twins www.3twins.com,
Tiller's Folly  www.tillersfolly.com
Triloka www.triloka.com
Valley Entertainment http://www.valley-entertainment.com/
Vanguard  http://www.vanguardrecords.com/
Noe Venable info at noevenable.com; www.noevenable.com
Ovenecka 6, Praha 7, Czech Republic
Simon Vincent vinven at dialstart.net
Warsaw Village Band www.worldvillagemusic.com; ub at jaro.de
Waterbug Records wwww.waterbug.com
Beth Waters www.bethwaters.com
Rupert Wates www.rupertwaitesmusic.com
What Are Records? http://www.whatarerecords.com/
David Wilkie www.cowboyceltic.com
Windham Hill http://onamrecords.com/Windham_Hill.html
Patti Witten thedolls at pattiwitten.com; info at pattiwitten.comwww.pattiwitten.com
Alex Woodard konawoodard at hotmail.com
Yellow Sisters: www.yellowsisters.com
Yellowtail http://yellowtailrecords.com/
Yep Roc Records http://www.yeproc.com/

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